Dermatology in Clearwater

Dermatology in Clearwater

What is OnSpot?

OnSpot Dermatology travels to Clearwater on a consistent basis and is able to bring a full service dermatology practice directly to those that live and work there. OnSpot utilized a fleet of mobile medical vehicles to provider a patient experience like no other® by focusing on quality of care and convenience. Book an appointment by calling (941) 444-0011 or online.

Mobile Dermatology in Clearwater!

OnSpot has many partners in Clearwater and the surrounding areas where you can be seen by a dermatology professional at a time and location that is convenient for your busy schedule. OnSpot's mission is to create a patient experience like no other®, by bringing out dermatology services to Clearwater, we are able to accomplish our mission.

Our Services

OnSpot prides itself on being a full service dermatology practice. A patient can be seen for a skin cancer exam, get a biopsy, and depending on the results of said biopsy, they can get a surgical procedure from OnSpot as well. From a small excision, to Mohs Surgery. OnSpot does not stop at skin cancer exams, our providers are capable of seeing patients for the wide spectrum of all your dermatological needs in the Clearwater and Florida area. There are no hand offs to a specialist or different facilities being used. Our mobile medical vehicles are designed efficiency and a convenient patient experience in mind. We truly are a one-stop-shop in Clearwater.

Skin Cancer Exams•

Mole & Lesion Removal •

Biopsies •

Mohs Surgery •

Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment •

And Much More!

Cosmetic Services

Not only does OnSpot offer services such as skin cancer exams, acne, eczema & psoriasis treatment, but we also offer cosmetic services in Clearwater! With our team of experienced providers we offer a wide variety of services such as Botox®, fillers and we can even have our providers create a skin care regimond that is specific for your skin.

• Botox®

• Dermal Fillers

• Chemical Peels

• Microneedling

• Cosmetic Consults!

Open Clearwater Locations!

OnSpot Dermatology is dedicated to ensuring our patients experience quality care in a convenient way. Making dermatology services accessible to every member of the Clearwater community is a vital part in bringing that mission to life. With keeping easy access to dermatology care in Clearwater in mind, the following locations are completely open to the public. To answer any questions you may have please call us at (941) 444-0011.

City of Clearwater

Closed Clearwater Locations

Although we do travel to many locations throughout Clearwater and Florida, there are a handful of locations that are not open to the greater public, and only invite members of the private/gated community or company that is hosting the Derma Drive®. Many communities and companies wish to reserve appointments for those that live or work there, and with OnSpot being welcomed guests on their property, we must respect their wishes. The distinction between a open and closed community can be difficult, and we would hate for anyone to have anything else but a patient experience like no other®, so if there is any confusion at all please call us at (941) 444-0011 to help with any confusion.


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