Why OnSpot For Patients?

World-Class Providers

OnSpot's medical team is led by Dr. Allan Harrington, Dr. Charles Camisa and Dr. Patricia Stewart. These providers have decades of experience and impressive backgrounds in the field of dermatology. 

Accept All Major Forms of Insurance

OnSpot accepts Medicare and Medicaid

OnSpot accepts all major forms of insurance


Imagine walking to your appointment

Imagine driving your golf cart to your appointment 

Imagine riding your bicycle to your appointment

With OnSpot, we come to you to make it convenient to get your annual skin exams

COVID-19 Safe

OnSpot personnel required to wear PPE

Temperature screenings for each patient and provider

UVC lights installed in HVAC system to kill
airborne viruses & bacteria

HEPA-UVC air filtration
filters new air every 90 seconds


Our state-of-the-art medical clinics have been designed to be as comfortable and inviting as any traditional medical office. Our mobile clinics include:

3 private exam rooms with Midmark exam tables

Waiting area with receptionist desk

Air conditioning & ceiling speakers

Wheelchair lift

No Wait Times with Telehealth

Talk to an OnSpot healthcare provider 24/7 with OnSpot's Telehealth application and patient portal


OnSpot acts like any traditional dermatology office and offers the following:

Skin cancer screenings

Psoriasis, eczema & acne treatment

Cosmetic dermatology (Botox® and Fillers)

Mohs surgery

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OnSpot Delivers Dermatology Two Ways


Mobile Dermatology Clinic

We bring dermatology to you by hosting Derma Drive™ events in a convenient location, whether it be your place of work, community, shopping mall or church. OnSpot comes to you.



We make it easy for patients to stay regularly connected with us through virtual appointments via OnSpot's telemedicine application. OnSpot can be contacted anywhere.

“What a brilliant idea. I am so excited to walk to my next appointment instead of driving down I-75.”

-Sandra Barry, Resident of Worthington Country Club, Bonita Springs, FL

OnSpot's medical clinics are as comfortable as any ​traditional dermatology office

Our mobile medical clinics are equipped to provide any and all dermatological procedures. These state-of-the-art vehicles are spacious, professional, comfortable and are designed with COVID-19 and privacy in mind.


Each vehicle comes equipped with the following:

  • 3 Private exam rooms
  • 3 Electric procedural exam tables
  • 1 Mohs lab
  • 5 Extensions (1 in each room)
  • 1 Wheelchair lift
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling speakers
  • 1 Reception area
  • Virus-killing far UVC lighting​​
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) level air filters