Mobile Dermatology For Businesses

Mobile Dermatology For Businesses

Want to have OnSpot to your business?

$0 cost to the business

Organizations can host a much needed service for their employees at zero cost.

Less time away from the office

On average, employers lose a half day to a full day of work for each appointment an employee makes with a doctor. With OnSpot, employees take 10-15 minutes out of their day to see our providers and get their annual skin exam.

OnSpot handles all aspects of a Derma Drive®

OnSpot will handle the marketing material, appointments, scheduling, procedures, billings and follow ups. We do not need any space inside an office or any power from a facility.

Wellness for your employees

The most common cancer in the world is skin cancer. We are here to help prevent that and create peace of mind for your employees.

Peace of Mind for Employees

It is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology to see a dermatologist annually because skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. However, most people do not make the effort to see a dermatologist annually because of the inconvenience of setting up an appointment. An unusual mole is often ignored because of long wait times associated within dermatology as well as the inconvenience of taking time off work or time away from family to see a provider. OnSpot strives to be a convenient service that allows employees to easily check the box when it comes to an annual dermatology appointment.

The most common reason a patient visits a hospital or doctor's office is due to ​a skin condition. The demand to see a dermatologist has never been higher.

Accept All Forms of Insurance

OnSpot accepts all forms of insurance including Medicare. Our mission is to improve access to dermatology care, and that includes accepting any type of insurance your employees might have. This is not typical of all dermatology practices, but it is something that we found to be important to our mission of improving access to care.

In 2023, OnSpot will visit:



Southwest Florida from Tampa to Naples as well as the Orlando and Palm Beach area

Everybody Wins with OnSpot

Patients receive convenient, affordable and quality care with OnSpot's mobile medical clinics and telemedicine application.

Businesses get happy, healthy and productive employees.


OnSpot's mobile clinics are equipped to treat any skin condition. Our experienced medical team is trained to provide everything from skin cancer screenings to eczema and psoriasis treatments to Botox® and fillers. You can read more about our services using the link below.

How does an OnSpot Derma Drive® work?

OnSpot has the ability to see anywhere from 40 to 60 patients per day. We book Derma Drive® dates with companies based on how many employees work there. We can visit your company once every two weeks, once per month or once per year. OnSpot will work collaboratively with your HR and Benefits team on scheduling.

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30 Days Before Derma Drive®

  • OnSpot provides company leadership with marketing material. This includes flyers on the event, videos and information on our providers for which they can share on their company message board, newsletters, email blasts, bulletin boards or social channels.
  • OnSpot creates a custom URL to share with each company that employees can use to self-schedule an appointment. Employees can also call (941) 444-0011 to book an appointment.
  • All employee insurance paperwork is done beforehand to minimize time inside the mobile clinic.

3 Days Before Derma Drive®

  • OnSpot sends email and text message reminders to employees that have booked an appointment.

Day of Derma Drive®

OnSpot has all appointments set up prior to the day of the Derma Drive® however, we can accept walk-ins.

  • We will typically stay at a company worksite from 8AM to 6PM to see as many employees as possible.
  • There will be a full medical team on the day of the Derma Drive that includes providers, medical assistants, receptionist and greeter at the front entrance of the vehicle. The greeter is there to direct patient traffic and answer any questions from walk-ins.
  • Our clinics are designed to provide treatment for any skin condition. This includes skin cancer screenings, acne and psoriasis treatment, and even cosmetic procedures like Botox® and fillers.

Day After Derma Drive®

  • OnSpot sends a patient survey after each appointment to understand how we can improve our services.
  • OnSpot invests in a patient portal that allows patients to receive test results, manage prescriptions and keep in touch with their provider.
  • OnSpot invests in a Telehealth platform that allows patients to schedule a follow-up appointment at any time.

OnSpot Delivers Dermatology Two Ways

dermatology telehealth


We bring dermatology to you by hosting Derma Drive® events in a convenient location, whether it be your place of work, community, shopping mall or church. OnSpot can travel anywhere to provide dermatological care with world class providers.

dermatology telehealth


We make it easy for patients to stay regularly connected with us through virtual appointments via OnSpot's telemedicine application. OnSpot can be contacted anywhere.