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Benefits to Our Patients

World-class providers

Accept all major forms of insurance


COVID-19 safe


No wait times

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I had another very pleasant experience with OnSpot. I had Mohs surgery on my arm. Dr. Harrington and his staff were very pleasant. After removing the tissue, we had the biopsy results in 30 minutes, as opposed to an hour and a half or two hours which it would have taken me at the hospital. All the affected tissue was removed with the first surgery. OnSpot will be my ONE SPOT! If I had closed my eyes I would not have known whether I was on a mobile clinic or at Yale New Haven Hospital. I would recommend OnSpot to anyone in need of dermatology care.

-Dick Barry, Resident of Worthington Country Club, Bonita Springs, FL

Benefits to Communities

$0 cost to a community

OnSpot handles all aspects of the visit

Bringing wellness to the community

Only need a parking spot

Residents love OnSpot

In 2021, OnSpot will visit:

Southwest Florida
from Tampa to Naples





Benefits to Companies

$0 cost to the business

Less time employees are out of the office

Bringing wellness to the workplace

Employees love OnSpot

OnSpot Delivers Dermatology Two Ways


Mobile Dermatology Clinic

We bring dermatology to you by hosting Derma Drive™ events in a convenient location, whether it be your place of work, community, shopping mall or church. OnSpot comes to you.



We make it easy for patients to stay regularly connected with us through virtual appointments via OnSpot's telemedicine application. OnSpot can be contacted anywhere.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer

Skin Conditions by the Numbers

50 Million Americans

30 Million Americans

16 Million Americans

7.5 Million Americans

1 Million Americans

Skin Cancer
1 in 5 Americans affected
9,500 diagnoses per day

2021 Skin Cancer Foundation Corporate Council Member

OnSpot Dermatology is proud to announce it has joined The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Corporate Council! OnSpot is pleased to support the Foundation’s mission to save and improve lives by empowering people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer. We are excited to use the resources they have to better educate our patients on proper skin health.

SCF - Corporate Council Member 20 Logo (2C)

COVID-19 Precautions

Required PPE for OnSpot personnel 

Temperature screenings

In every mobile medical clinic, we have installed: 

UVC Lights in HVAC
Kills airborne viruses & bacteria

HEPA-UVC Air Filtration
Filters new air every 90 seconds