OnSpot Dermatology Now In-Network with UnitedHealthcare

onspot dermatology officially in-network with united healthcare

Orlando FL, Tuesday, 9/5/2023 – OnSpot Dermatology, the full service, mobile dermatology practice, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with UnitedHealthcare. Effective October 15th, OnSpot will begin accepting UnitedHealthcare, including all commerical (including UMR), Medicare and Medicaid plans! This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the field of healthcare accessibility, ensuring that OnSpot's top-tier dermatological care, which has earned them the title of the #1 rated dermatology practice in all of Florida according to Google Reviews, is available to a wider range of individuals throughout Florida.

OnSpot Dermatology has revolutionized the way dermatological care is delivered by introducing a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile medical clinics that bring a complete medical team directly to the patient. This innovative approach eliminates the barriers of traditional medical visits, making high-quality dermatology care more convenient and accessible than ever before.

UnitedHealthcare's extensive network and commitment to improving healthcare align seamlessly with OnSpot Dermatology's mission to provide convenient, patient-centered care without compromising on quality. Through this partnership, UnitedHealthcare members can now benefit from OnSpot Dermatology's comprehensive range of services, including skin cancer screenings, treatment for skin conditions, dermatological consultations, and more, all delivered by highly trained and experienced medical professionals.

"We are excited to be in network with UnitedHealthcare, as it allows us to extend our reach and provide our unique mobile dermatology services to a wider audience," said Don Hunt, President of OnSpot Dermatology. "This partnership with UnitedHealthcare reflects a shared dedication to redefining healthcare delivery by leveraging innovation and technology to prioritize patient convenience and care quality."

With the OnSpot Dermatology and UnitedHealthcare partnership, UHC members can look forward to the following benefits:

1. Convenience: No longer will individuals have to face the hassle of commuting to a medical facility. OnSpot Dermatology's mobile clinics will come directly to them, offering hassle-free dermatological care.
2. Comprehensive Services: From routine skin check-ups to specialized procedures, patients can access a wide range of dermatological services without compromising on quality or expertise.
3. Continued Care: Before leaving your appointment, OnSpot's team will ensure that you have your next follow-up appointment with them booked. OnSpot is not just a one time visit, but your new dedicated dermatology practice.

OnSpot Dermatology's partnership with UnitedHealthcare is a remarkable leap forward in the mission to make dermatological care more accessible, patient-centered, and convenient. Together, both organizations are shaping the future of healthcare by merging expertise, innovation, and accessibility.

Plan's accepted: all commercial (including UMR), Medicare and Medicaid