Cosmetic VIP Membership

Cosmetic VIP Membership

Take advantage of savings, all year round

With OnSpot's cosmetic VIP membership, you can benefit from cosmetic specials throughout the entire year. With a $100 membership fee, you get access to discounts on all cosmetic services. If at the end of the two years, you have not yet used your VIP membership to  take advantage of at least one of your discounted cosmetic visits, you get your $100 refunded. The discount tier is simple, the more you visit, the more you save!

VIP Discount Tier


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***You will have two years from the time of your initial membership purchase to utilize all visits. After that period of two years you will be required to reinstate your membership. A visit is defined by getting at least 10 units of Botox® or at least 1 filler or 1 chemical peel or 1 microneedling session.***