What To Expect During Your Visit

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A dermatology appointment with a new practice can come with a wide varitety of questions. That list of questions is certainly expanded on when you are not used to your practice coming directly to you. In this article we will cover all the basics what to expect during your first appointment with OnSpot Dermatology.

Before Appointment

In the days leading up to your appointment you can expect to receive email and text message reminders regarding your upcoming appointment. In the email reminders you will see you have the ability to fill out the mobile preregistration for your appointment. The pregreistration is where you can upload your personal information like your address, insurance information, authorize other individuals to have access to your personal health information and much more. We recommend you fill out the preregistration at a time that is convenient for you, rather than doing it at the front desk. Completing the pregistration is quick, simple, and saves you 5 to 10 minutes at the front desk. 

During Appointment

Upon arriving at the mobile clinic you will be greeted by the front desk. If you have completed the preregistration, you will be prompted to answer a few questions and fill out a form, and will be marked as checked in. If you did not get the chance to complete preregistration, you will go through the check-in process with the front desk member and fill out information such as your perosnal informtation as well as insurance details. Again, completing the preregistration is highly recommended, and will save you 5 to 10 minutes at the front desk. Finally, you will be marked as checked-in by the front desk and you will be asked to wait in our waiting area until you are called onto the clinic.

You will promptly be brought into the mobile clinic and asked a series of preliminary questions such as family history as well as a list of your current medications by the medical assistant. If you are being seen for a full body skin cancer exam you can ask the medical assistant for a gown to wear. You may feel free to get as undressed as you are comfortable with.

Your provider will then come into the room and may ask you some more questions. Depending on the reason for your visit, your examination may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. If your provider sees it necessary, they may take a biopsy of a spot on your skin they are concerned with.

When the provider is done with their examination you can expect them to begin wrapping up by sending any prescriptions out, while the medical assistant finalizes the paperwork regarding any biopsies that may have taken place. Finally, the medical assistant will schedule an appointment for you in the future, depending on when the provider would like to see you again it could be anywhere from 1 to 12 months from the date of your initial appointment.

If necessary, you will then check-out with the front desk and then you are free to enjoy the rest of your day!

After Appointment

After you leave the clinic you can expect to receive a follow up text the following day asking for feedback on your appointment. OnSpot seeks to offer a patient experience like no other®, and we are constaly trying to better ourselves so we can continue that mission in an ever changing patient landscape.

You will later receive an email letting you know that your patient portal has been activated, with an included link for ease of access. In your patient portal you can request another appointment, see future appointments, see your statement balance as well as request prescription refills.

If you had any procedures such as biopsies done OnSpot's team will reach out to you with the next steps. If the results come back as benign, then you can be put as ease knowing you have another follow up in 12 months at the most. If the provider would like to schedule you for an exision or Mohs Surgery (depending on case) based on the results from your biopsy, then they will talk you through expectations and find you an appointment time that is in a place convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Additional Questions

For additional information please feel free to call our office at (941) 444-0011 or visit our page for frequently asked questions.